The Muse

What swelled my spirit's longing? Aspire for the unfathomable,Pampered by a muse whoKnew not had filled me with hope. Appeared before me, as though,Would lighten up that spark, smoulderingDeep within, about to be extinguishedBy a storm that fate has led me to. Captivated by the beautyOf thy heart, the radiance of lightGleamed to enlighten the... Continue Reading →

In a virtual world

In a virtual world Stood, just like a pendulum swings Swaying with the thought-world Same as the clouds drifts Aimlessly over the vale profound In some distant abyss. Into which world shall I land? Between hope and hopelessness Believing and not believing For now, surrendering to the hyper real force Live suspended in a reality... Continue Reading →

Goddess of the Sky

I look at the distant azure sky, Only void everywhere does lie, O, thou Goddess of the sky, Unclip my wings, lift me high. My glasses protect my eyes now, And show me a vision much clearer, Beyond the light, beyond the colour, A beauty imperceptible to me before: Sparkling Ocean-like eyes A smile pouring... Continue Reading →

Secrets of Shiva

Lord Shiva is a symbol of a deity representing what is called a Yogi and a Bhogi. A Yogi is someone who has successfully transcended over and liberated himself from his senses: kama, krodha, lobha, moha and ahankar. He is ascetic, otherworldly and devoted himself to meditation and worship. Non-engagement of the gratification of the senses with worldly pleasures is the essence of the life of a yogi. He lives at a bare minimum, just ensuring his survival. Typically, a yogi hardly wears clothes to cover himself except a robe. Just as Shiva, some yogi-s even live either naked or simply hide their genitalia with a piece of cloth.

The Ghost-thought

Usually, you forget entirely what state of mind you are in on a specific occasion. And, you become less and less aware of the thought that arises or, that what you are thinking about. It feels like any other thought that occurs and becomes essential for that moment. This essential thinking foregrounded soon prevails over the unnoticed... Continue Reading →

nostalgic reminiscence

The feeling of usefulness is what I bore as I walked out of the All-India Writers' Meet held recently at Agartala. Having been doubly gifted: first, with the opportunity and second, to be amidst luminaries elated to the brink of nostalgic ecstasy. On top of all, when the remuneration is exactly double the amount paid earlier there is a genuine reason to feel the usefulness.

Thought and Form

Everything needs a basis to exist. Rabindranath Tagore said the basis for our body to exist is the skeletal system in absence of which we get turned into a lump of flesh and blood. So the ‘form’ always needs a basis to exist. This ‘form’ takes shape (or exists) only in some situation and a... Continue Reading →


Thoughts are frequent and infrequent, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes elusive. The problem persists, as it was when I began to write first. But each of these problems are markedly different from one another. Then, immaturity, no clear-sightedness, attitudinal issues … gripped. This is what I see down the ladder when I stare back. Moreover, I also... Continue Reading →


I can't understand what is all the fuss about what happened in Karnataka post the assembly election. The arithmetic is simple and clear. The BJP has 104, the Cong 78, JDS 38, and Independent 02 MLAs respectively. If BJP had to win the trust vote it would need to lure MLAs from either of the... Continue Reading →

Sri Yantra

This Sri Yantra is an amazing ancient Indian yogic technique. The nine interspersed triangles (5 downward and 4 upward) representing female (shakti) and male (shiva) powers also corresponds to the nine doors of the human body (prakriti)—the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth genital and anus (The Bhagavat Gita, Ch.5, Verse 13). The first time I came... Continue Reading →

“Set yourself a goal which is the highest, so high that you will never reach there. Don’t think that it an impractical thing.” Swami Chinmayananda

It is neither the goal nor even reaching there which is important. Instead, what is important is all the striving that we put in while trying to achieve this goal. It is our motivation to put in more and more effort to grow further is what this whole story is about. The harder we work... Continue Reading →

Pochishe Boishakh (The 25th day of Boishakh month in Bengali calendar, equivalent to 9th May in Roman calendar.)

"‘There is no history but of soul.’" Rabindranth Tagore, in his appearance was six feet tall, but deep within him was like a fathomless ocean. Because he was boundless within the boundary, many of us due to the nature of our own inner poverty fail to measure the true worth of a heaven-reaching consciousness of... Continue Reading →

the forbidden line

Having trespassed And wandered off Into the forbidden land, I reach the Dark Kingdom. Visible but invisible An unreal reality Masked and disguised A make-believe world! Eyes see but they don’t Ears hear but they don’t Senses benumbed Light but darkness surrounds. The Creatures of the Kingdom sing ‘Serve the master, fortune shall bestow thy... Continue Reading →

Left rule ends in Tripura

The 2–decade–long Left rule in Tripura has been mysteriously overturned in the state assembly elections held recently. Setting up of a Communist regime or at least trying to is a distant cry amidst free market economies worldwide. India is no exception to this. Given overwhelming market forces it is indeed difficult to believe how people... Continue Reading →

"There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self."       Aldous Huxley  

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